The Truth

Feb 27, 2017

While being interviewed recently, I was asked about this one question which is indeed worth asking. The title of this blog - “What truth do you believe that very few people believe?” This simple question kept me occupied for a few days. I would rather like to answer this question in an rheotaric manner.

Some few answers that we have heard of at some point of life are - That Santa is not real - Tooth fairy does not exist - God is just what we want our mind to percieve.

Now let me put forward my answer - I’d say that ‘people don’t yet know the true definition of happiness’. For every individual the definition of happiness is different. For some it’s partying all day, for some it’s going out for a movie, for some it’s hanging out with friends. People don’t exactly know what makes them happy. Most of them out there are just following the convention, going with the flow. Following the hoard. TBH I don’t find happiness in watching a movie. I’d rather explore new repositories, new projects people around the world are coming up with. That’s how I stumbled with Walnut and that’s my definition of happiness - satisfying my curiosity.

~inspired by Q