Why have aliens not contacted us?

Aug 3, 2017

Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence - colloquially known as SETI institute is a private non-profit organization funded by giants like NASA, HP, Sun Microsystems, NSF, USRA etc. founded in 1984 has been monitoring the electromagnetic radiations for signs of life in the universe. Though there are myriad instances of (possible) interception of alien signal for instance by RATAN-600, SETI has not yet established a concrete proof that there is a civilized life after-all.

For an organization which boasts of Allen Telescopic Array, soon to launch - the ATA-350 which will have point source sensitivity comparable to the NRAO’s Robert C. Byrd Telescope, the search for ET has turned out to be a fiasco. Is it that we don’t have the equipments or the technology to intercept their signals? Possibly.

There are a few possibilities I believe in - in the last post I mentioned how a civilization which is just a century ahead of us can be exponentially advanced than us. Lets create a hypothetical scenario - in near future we might exhaust all the resources present on earth for sustaining human life. The government might declare a Purge to remove the “non-essential” elements from the society. Soon we will reach a point where the planet earth will no longer be habitable not only because of the resources we have exhausted but also because of the footprints or should I call them as the by-product we have left behind on our road to success. The footprints which will render the ecosystem inhabitable not only for humans but also for a large portion of flora and fauna.
Darwin was right, in the end it all boils down to the survival of the fittest. The word “fittest” is subjective, it is no longer an era where abilities you are born with and without will decide your fate in this world. As the technology has advanced we are at a stage where stem cells are used to repair damaged organs, soon altering the genes you are born with will become mainstream.
In such an era where we are on the edge of colonizing Mars, our “resources” are not limited to Earth. In hope for a better (and sustainable) future we might find a habitable planet (not Mars) light years away from us. That is when we might exploit the concept of worm holes for folding the time-space fabric to cheat our way through time and space. We might soon leave earth behind. Only the life which can survive on the limited resources left will prosper.. alone. In an event of global nuclear holocaust, there are still organisms which are able to survive - cockroaches for instance. Though humanity will perish but these “other” forms of life might still prosper. The point of this discussion being - for our own survival we might evacuate this planet sooner then we expect. Now why don’t we shift our perspective, and consider that we humans are the survivors of an event similar to the modern day “nuclear holocaust” we are what we call cockroaches for an intellectually and technologically advanced species. The so called aliens have left our ecosystem, our Earth, or even our galaxy a long while back.
The term “intelligence” is subjective, we consider ourselves as the most intellectual beings of this universe (as of now), the day we come in contact with an intellectually advanced society we might not be the most intellectually advanced species, that is quite obvious. Do you think that long after we have evacuated this planet cockroaches will be able to communicate with us? or realize our existence? Will you care to come in contact with a society which is so intellectually low? You are the most intelligent being in the galaxy until you realize that there are more competent beings in the universe. They just don’t want to be found and your intelligence is not at all at par with theirs. Not enough to comprehend them.