The great escape Part - I (WIP)

Feb 18, 2018

In his waitbutwhy’s post why procrastinators procrastinate Tim Urban presents a great analogy of what happens inside your brain when you procrastinate. HE suggets that inside your head , you think that you take control of everything that your do. You think that you have the wheel. Tim say’s that there is also a monkey in your had who occasionally takes on the wheel. Now it is your responsibility to take the wheel back from he monkey and do what you intend to do with utmost celerity.

I think that our mind is like a chariot driven byfive horses instead of a monkey. Each horse depicts sense we have SO the five horses each is a representative of smell, taste, touch , hearing and looking. If not controlled each horse rides in a different direction. If you want to achieve something in life, iIt is your job to tame these horses and make them docile. On your chariot of mind along with you sits a wise man albiet - your conscience, it has the solution to all your problems it the one who paves the ground for you to achieve your goals, It is the one who decide that what you should be doing right now but this wise man is more of a pillion rider. It will advice you to control your horses in the way it is beneficial to you but you are the one who will have to tame these horses. Unlike Tesla cars , your mind is very conventional and comes without any auto-pilot.